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Municipal Services

Municipal Department Khairpur provides following services


Sanitation Section of Municipal Committee Khairpur is working day & night to provide hygiene and general cleanliness to citizens living within the jurisdiction of this council. The difficulties are being faced due to resettlement of rural population and increase in establishment of new residential colonies and housing units on the other side this council is facing acute shortage of sanitation staff.

  • The solid waste of city is being collected in two phases i.e Primary Collection and Secondary Collection on daily basis from whole 29 wards of this council divided in 4 zones as under for smoothly sanitation work:
Zone - 11, 2, 10, 11, 12, 14Barkat Maseh
Zone - 23, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13 (A), 13 (B)Junaid Hussain Pathan
Zone - 315, 16Saqib Maseh
Zone - 517, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24Kashif Hussain Pathan
Zone - 525, 26, 27, 28, 29Shafqat Hussain

Primary Collection

Primarily the solid waste is being collected through small cargo loaders and hand trollies from the internal streets/roads of city and brought to the secondary collection points where big waste collection containers placed at whole city.

Secondary Collection

Secondary collection is made through waste collection trucks, which are lifting filled waste containers from secondary collection points and placing another empty container at the point.

Waste Water Disposal (Drainage)

This Municipal Committee Khairpur is also making necessary arrangements of cleanliness of Surface Drains and Main Drainage Nalas on daily basis at whole city to ensure their smooth flow, which are connected to Drainage Disposals, the Disposals are pumping out the waste water.

Presently the operation and maintenance of Drainage Disposals are handed over to the Public Health Engineering Department Khairpur.

Sewer lines

Jogi sanitary workers are working for the cleanliness of main nalas, main holes, sewer lines.


Scheme handed over/running under the control of Public Health Engineering Department Khairpur and the staff is also deputed to PHED as per orders of Water Commission constituted by the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan.:

  • Staff41 Nos.
  • Water Treatment Plants18Nos. (Slow Sand Filter Beds)
  • Water Storage Tanks05 Nos. (Open)
  • Clear Water Tanks05 Nos. (Covered)
  • Water Filtration Plant01 No. (Not in operation)
  • Tube well Bores sites 03 Nos. (Bhurgari Regulator, Garhi Pull, RohriCanalare in working condition)


The Distribution of Water Supply Connections to consumers is lying with Municipal Committee Khairpur and the Water Works Branch is looking after the work of Water Supply Connections at whole City Khairpur/Luqman. The Water Works Branch is responsible for providing new water connections and attending the public complaints in this regard.

Number of connections:
  • Govt. departments41
  • Commercial42
  • Domestic6122


Scheme is handed over/running under the control of PHED Khairpur and the employees are also deputed to PHED Khairpuras per orders of Water Commission constituted by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

  • Staff113 Nos.
  • Disposal Stations18 Nos. (15 Nos. running in daily routine and 03 Nos. for rain emergency)


The Municipal Committee Khairpur is also providing Fire Fighting Service to not only Khairpur City but also the vicinity areas in case of Fire Incident. Total number of 19 staff including Fire Officer, Asst. Fire Officer, Leading fireman, Fireman and drivers are remain present on duty round-o-clock to contain fire incidents and saving lives.

The services of providing drinking water in case of shortage of drinking water are also provided in time of need within city Khairpur.

The 06 Fire Lorries are also sprinkling water during visit of VVIPS, Religious Eves i.e during Muharram-ul-Harram, Eid-ul-Azha, Eid-ul-Fitter etc.


Total number of 16 including Supervisor, Foreman, Electricians, Asst. Lineman Drivers and helpers are working in this section. The major work of this section is to illuminate the streets during darkness of night and providing & maintaining street light points including Solar Street Light Poles at whole City Khairpur/Luqman, which are being maintained properly on which sufficient amount is being incurring in every month.

Special arrangements of street lights are being made on various religious eves at whole city Khairpur/Luqman and the staff is remain vigilant and attending public complaints in this regard.


There is a full-fledged Engineering Branch at Municipal Committee Khairpur having following strength:

  • Municipal Engineer01
  • Assistant Executive Engineer (AEN)01
  • Sub-Engineers03
  • Road Mistry02

The Engineering Branch is responsible for carrying out Development Works including M&R works within the jurisdiction of Municipal Committee Khairpur.

Providing Infrastructure facilities viz. Metalled Roads/CC Blocks, Paver Blocks, Girder Crosses, Surface Drains, installation of Solar Street Light Poles etc.

Also carrying out ADP Schemes of Roads/Paver Blocks/Solar Poles entrusted to Municipal Committee Khairpur by the Government.


The recreational services viz. Public Parks are being maintained and repaired within the administrative jurisdiction for the general public, where they are coming for walk and to relax. Total 19 staff are working in this section.

The Plantation including fancy flowers etc. is being made at public parks/green belts, a whole Section is running having sufficient staff for plantation and maintenance purpose of public parks.

  • Phool Bgah
  • Pir Syed Saddaruddin Shah Park
  • Dilshad Park
  • Ladies & Children park Jind Wado
  • Green belt Luqman Railway crossing
  • Urban Forestry Parknear Unnar colony
  • Pir Muhammad Shah Park Dabbar
  • Public Park Fiaz Abad colony


There is an Anti-Encroachment Branch at Municipal Committee Khairpur headed by Anti-Encroachment Inspector, which is responsible for removal of soft and hard illegal encroachments from the limits of Municipal Committee Khairpur viz. removal of encroachments from Roads/Streets/Footpaths in the interest of public.

Also redressing the public complaints relating to encroachments over public streets/roads and removing them accordingly.


Jogi sanitary workers are working for the cleanliness of main nalas, main holes, sewer lines.

Sewer lines

The Municipal Committee Khairpur headed by Anti-Malaria cum Food Inspector is providing Fumigation Services for prevention from Mosquitoes and contains spreading diseases of Malaria, Dengue Fever etc.

Also killing stray dogs from the City to save people from dog bites for the purpose the staff remain vigilant and attending public complaints of stray dogs killing them by giving poison in sweets or meat.

SnoType of MachineNo. of MachineRemarks
01Fogging Machine/ anti mosquitoes02Old/ Non-functional


The services of Slaughter Houses is also provided by this council, where it is ensured the hygiene and slaughtering of healthy animals is being made by the butchers.

The licenses are also issued to the Butchers for sale of Meat/Beef within the limits of this council and imposing fines on them on account of un-hygiene conditions and sale of unhealthy meat/beef at their shops.


Number of dispensaries:
  • Bhurgri Muhalla
  • Faizabad Colony
  • Shah Latif Colony
  • Shahbaz Colony
  • Luqman


Total number of 4 employees deputed at Deputy Commissioner Office Khairpur.


During the Muhram-ul-Haram, 12th Rabial-awal, Chehulm Hazrat Imam Hussain and other religious and national days celebrated in the city and all employees of essential services of Municipal Committee Khairpur performed their duties with full commitments including Rain/Flood emergencies, Elections and in other tasks in national interests


1 General Branch 26
2 Accounts Branch 8
3 Tax Branch 18
4 Anti-Encroachment Branch 6
5 Vaccination 3
6 Civil Defence 3
7 Medical Branch 15
8 Anti-Malaria 6
9 Water Works Branch 14
10 Workshop Branch 2
11 Fire Brigade Branch 17
12 Engineering P.W.D Branch 16
13 Street Light Branch13
14 Nursary Branch19
15 Women Industrial Branch 8
16 Octroi Branch 59
17 Panchayat Committee Branch 52
18 Local government45
19 Drainage 104
20 Water Supply 35
21 Sanitation 343
22 Legal Advisor 1
23 Veterinary Doctor 1
G. Total 814
Khairpur Municipal Committee

The Municipal Committee came into existence in 1959 under Basic Democracies Ordinance 1959, when the population of Khairpur was only a few thousands. The population increased due to development of city and influx of people from rural areas to urban areas. According to 2017 senses shows a figure of 4,40,752 souls in Taluka Khairpur in which1,83,181 souls in city Khairpur 41% population living in Municipal limits. The Municipal committee is spread over 9 Sq: kilometers area.

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