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1Mr. Saeed Akbar MaharAdministrator (Local Govt.)0300-3150515
2Mr. Zulfiqar Ali BhuttoChief Municipal Officer (SCUG)0303-98566510315-3147546
3Mr. Wali Muhammad NaichMunicipal Engineer Engineering Branch (SCUG)0302-3128888
4Mr. Arif Ali ChanaMr. Dhani Bux PhulpotoAssistant Accounts Officer (SCUG)ACCOUNTS BRANCH Accountant (SCUG)0300-26887770305-92542000301-3863075
5Mr. Syed Ali Hassan Shah BukhariOffice Superintendent , GENERAL ADM.0332-2728004
6Mr. Gul Muhammad MughalStore Purchase Officer SPO0312-5790899
7Mr. Rajab Ali SolangiMr. Amir Hussain PhulpotoLand Grand officerTax Inspector, TAX Branch0307-34529910300-9312131
8Mr. Nawaz Ali JumaniMr. Mazhar Ali PhulpotoFire Officer, Fire Brigade BranchAsstt. Fire Officer0306-55252610312-75943700312-3779929
9Mr. Aamir Hussain PhulpotoMr. Muhsin Hassan PhulpotoAnti-Encroachment InspectorAsst. Anti Encroachment Inspector 0304-21111440300-93121310315-9028042
10Mr. Shoib Ali DogarAnti-Malaria cum Food Inspector0315-3481297
11Mr. Hadi Bux ShaikhIncharge, Medical Branch0303-3276403
12Mr. Wasif Hussain @ Najaf PathanSanitary Inspector,Sanitation Branch0300-33928180313-2541770
13Mr. Akhtar Hussain BrohiIncharge, Water Supply & Drainage0306-36623020312-2662302
14Mr. Ali Hassan AbroForeman/Incharge, Workshop Branch0300-2112446
15Mr. Arib Hussain PathanSupervisor, Water Works Branch0300-3152994
16Mr. Waqar MakhdoomGarden Superintendent, Nursery Branch/ Municipal parks0315-38885540308-7444476
17Mr. Qurban Ali MirbaharSupervisor, Street light Branch0311-4279466
18Mr. Mansoor QadirIncharge, Civil Defense Branch0332-2923774
Khairpur Municipal Committee

The Municipal Committee came into existence in 1959 under Basic Democracies Ordinance 1959, when the population of Khairpur was only a few thousands. The population increased due to development of city and influx of people from rural areas to urban areas. According to 2017 senses shows a figure of 4,40,752 souls in Taluka Khairpur in which1,83,181 souls in city Khairpur 41% population living in Municipal limits. The Municipal committee is spread over 9 Sq: kilometers area.

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